Matt Zimmer is “a non-freight guy running a freight organization” with an eye for global supply logistics. Matt sat down with Joe Lynch of the Logistics of Logistics podcast to discuss the beverage supply chain. We’ve summed up some of the key takeaways of their discussion below, but make sure to check out the full podcast for all the juicy insights. 

On the podcast, Matt and Joe discuss one of Zengistics’ many strengths: streamlining the beverage supply chain and how Zengistics’ unique expertise and technology improve beverage logistics and offer better service. 

Understanding Your Customer to Create Releavance and Trust

The first step, according to Matt, is understanding how to speak to your audience. “We talk the vernacular [of the] inside beverage world,” he says. And that allows them to know what their clients need and how to provide it. Especially with alcohol, “You gotta make sure that you are trusted by your, customer…And I think we’ve been able to showcase that.” 

From there, it’s all about understanding the needs of clients, from keeping beverages cold to meeting federal regulations, especially for alcoholic beverages. “One of our real expertises is in reefer…pickups and drop off in…three or four different states,” Matt explains. The factors in cross-state movements mean Zengistics has to be on top of paperwork to ensure that their deliveries occur smoothly.

Successful logistics aren’t just about Zengistic’s abilities, they’re also about meeting clients’ desires for innovation and change. Zengistics caters to clients who are looking for a new way to operate logistics with informed decision-making and improved technology. “We are that solution,” Matt says. 

Know the Freight Details and Serve Accordingly 

Great beverage logistics also means exploring all the variables. “[In the] heat of the summer, [imagine] having to open the back of the reefer three different times,” Matt says. Opening the reefer affects the internal temperature control and raises additional questions about ensuring optimal temperatures. “How are you measuring your temp? How are you making sure that the product doesn’t get destroyed?” These considerations all come into play for Zengistics and they use a well-honed system of technologies and TMSs to ensure that routes are optimized and carriers are alert for potential problems. 

Since clients trust in their expertise and they’ve got the major variables of shipping beverages down, Zengistics is focused on what makes them stand out best: client relationships. One thing Matt is proud to focus on is working one-on-one with clients to ensure that their freight rates are an appropriate percentage of their total costs. “ If you’re really focused on your customer’s success…then we have [to think about their] profit. Building enterprise value is about… having discussions around [the cost of freight for clients]. And I know that not a lot of other freight brokers are having those discussions.” By talking about profit margins and opening up the dialogue to other major business needs and financial considerations, Matt is not only helping customers improve their profitability at the moment but also when they get acquired, which is a frequent occurrence in industries like craft beer. 

Matt and Joe also discuss another interesting and unique aspect of the beverage logistics industry: container shape. “On the back of the truck it isn’t all just cans,” Matt says. “There’s kegs and pony kegs and bottles and cans.” As a result, when they speak with clients about the beverages they’re looking to transport, “there’s case equivalence…[about how] they think about [their shipments].” There are equations that Zengistics uses to enable them to quote clients on the exact cost per unit for transportation. 

We’ve covered just a few of the many fascinating topics that Matt and Joe discussed in this riveting podcast episode. We hope you’ll check it out to learn more about the services and skills Zengisitics offers. 

About Zengistics

Zengistics is a logistics partner that provides scalable transportation and logistics services using a shared cloud platform and a network of carriers. Under the helm of president Matt Zimmer, Zengistics is a fast-growing tech-driven 3PL ready to deliver the best service for complex supply chain challenges. Its partnership with Turvo enables Zengistics to take its strong cadre of logistics professionals and empower them to deliver excellent customer service with the aid of advanced technology. Zengistics makes it possible to cooperate seamlessly between shippers, carriers, and drivers and to offer absolute transparency across a range of transportation types.