The Zengistics Managed Services offering utilizes a logistics network optimization model to take a holistic approach to the specific needs of our customers. During the initial phase, after establishing a partnership, we collaboratively plan for the future and map the best execution for creating scalable growth with optimized rates and high efficiency. With our customer’s goals and vision in mind, we analyze the data collected by our technology platforms, to calculate the best ways to consolidate shipments, predict market trends, reduce waste, lower operational costs and ultimately facilitating scalable growth.


We deliver peace of mind throughout the entire supply chain process. Carrier partners are cultivated and held to the highest standards. All documents for the back-end can be managed in one place making your operational processes a breeze. Integration of other systems will streamline the order process and help manage your inventory. Complete end-to-end visibility and Live Support is available 24/7/365.


Managed Services is more than shipping freight, it functions as a personal on-demand logistics and transportation team powered by state-of-the-art technology. The technology platforms and collaboration portal provide complete end-to-end transparency and matures as your business evolves. With a dedicated team keeping your specific wants and needs at the forefront, you will never miss an opportunity to improve your existing processes as well as optimizing your supply chain.