Zengistics has established a leadership position in the craft beer logistics market by bringing unique solutions that marry cost effectiveness with protecting the integrity of the cold chain. Our established network of brewers provides a unique opportunity for smaller brewers to consolidate with some of our larger partners and accelerate market expansion nationwide. Zengistics’ Managed Services offering utilizes a dedicated team to address needs specific to the craft beer industry that aid implementations to optimize efficiencies and advance expansion. Analyzing the data collected by our technology platforms, our seasoned team of industry experts can calculate the best ways to consolidate shipments, predict market trends, reduce waste, lower operational costs and facilitate scalable growth.

Load consolidation services have helped clients save over $200-300K annually, depending on the size of the brewery.

“In 2018, Zengistics controlled our freight costs when much of the industry experienced double digit percentage increases


“The Enterprise Beverage Team highlighted Stone’s excellence in execution at over 500 locations, ability to deliver beer consistently without disruption, and consistent updates through regular communication. This award was due in large part to the outstanding service and performance of our freight partner, Zengistics! Our ability to deliver service excellence in this challenging national freight market continues to make the difference with our key distributor and account partners! Thanks!”


An Unusual Collaboration Leads to a Blueprint for Mutual Success

For the past 26 years, Stone Brewing has delighted the bellies of craft beer enthusiasts through their array of super hoppy IPAs and delicious lagers. The west coast Brewing is one of the largest in the United States. Stone has done their part to help commercialize the craft beer industry, and due to their success, you can find their iconic gargoyle logo in grocery stores, restaurants, and bars throughout the country. Each year, Stone Brewing transports thousands of truckloads of beer, hops, barley, glass, and boxes to support their production facilities in Escondido, CA and Richmond, VA. Since 2019, 100% of the outbound shipments, nearly 3000 truckloads a year, have been built, organized, routed, and hauled by Zengistics.

Case studies in the logistics industry often follow the same basic storyline: The shipper had problems with their service until this new company provided all the solutions.

But what led to this strategic partnership between Stone Brewing and Zengistics tells an overarching narrative about collaboration in the supply chain that is rather unusual in the logistics industry.

Established Network

Expand Your Market Reach


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Increasing Efficeincy