CPG Logistics

The Role of 3PLs in CPG Logistics: A Comprehensive Guide

3PLs (third-party logistics providers) are businesses that leverage expertise, experience, and resources to simplify logisticsRead More »
Cargo Theft

Astronomical Rise in Cargo Theft Amid Rise in Imports from China Into the US

The freight industry has reportedly seen strategic cargo theft soar 68% in Q4 of 2023,Read More »
Optimized CPG Logistics

API in Logistics: Leveraging Technology For Optimized CPG Logistics

CPG logistics can be quite a complex process. Multiple players interact at different levels withinRead More »
Logistics Operations

Zengistics Insights: It is Time for More Responsive Logistics Operations

It's no secret that logistics operations have seen a fundamental shift in how they approachRead More »
CPG Logistics

Empowering Your Transportation Department Through Advanced CPG Logistics Platforms

Thanks to constantly evolving supply chains, decision-makers are navigating a landscape defined by rapid changeRead More »
CPG Sector

Zengistics Insights: CPG Sector Needs to Focus On Volume Growth

After rising prices led to an estimated global sales growth of almost 10% in 2023,Read More »
red sea

Zengistics Insights: A Positive Freight Sentiment Index, Even as Retailers Struggle on the Red Sea

Welcome to the January edition of Zengistics Monthly Insider! As we step into the newRead More »
Demand Forecasting

Demand Forecasting for CPG: How Data Drives Efficient Logistics

Meeting demand efficiently is paramount for sustained success in the dynamic landscape of the consumerRead More »
Collaborative Logistics

Collaborative Logistics for CPG: Building Partnerships for Success

The CPG logistics sector faces consistent challenges and disruptions as markets evolve and change. NavigatingRead More »
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