Operating on the world’s first collaborative logistics platform, Zengistics is a technology company that executes freight.

Our focus is delivering the highest level of customer service, providing data-driven solutions, practicing proactive communication, and maximizing efficiency for scalable growth and personalized solutions to optimize your supply chain nationwide.

A Smarter, Cleaner Future

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Service Offerings

Optimize and grow your business logistics efficiently. Carrier or Shipper, we provide end-to-end solutions. Complete transparency throughout your entire supply chain and connectivity into our established network or partners. We operate on the world’s first collaborative logistics platform, the smarter way for shippers, carriers and drivers to seamlessly work together to get things done faster.

What Drives Zengistics

Zengistics was founded on the belief that our collaborative technology platform has the power to bring large scale efficiency through collaboration and tech-enablement. Our dedicated team of industry experts prioritizes individual development and provide growth opportunities for our aspiring leaders. Our company is made up of ambitious, driven, and enthusiastic players.

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