Zengistics President Matt Zimmer looks to continue the company’s growth trajectory with Eric Limburg named as Chief Revenue Officer.

AUSTIN, Texas—Shippers turn to third-party logistics companies and freight brokers to secure capacity, solve network challenges, reduce the total cost of goods sold, and deliver on time and in full. There are thousands of these entities, but Zengistics is one of the few non-asset brokerages backed by a billion-dollar asset company. In nearly a year since the acquisition by Trimac, President Matt Zimmer and new Chief Revenue Officer Eric Limburg have implemented new strategies that have helped Zengistics expand its customer base and significantly improve financial metrics.

From its roots as a proof-of-concept incubator for world-class Turvo technology that is transforming the freight brokerage industry, Zengistics is fast becoming one of North America’s premier digital brokerages, specializing in strategizing and executing full truckload, less-than-truckload, and intermodal freight. Zengistics ships to all 50 states and Canadian provinces, building a strong refrigerated freight market in California and cross-border shipments to and from Canada.

“With our data-backed suite of services, technology, and the resources of Trimac, we can help shippers optimize the order-to-cash cycle and solve the most complex upstream supply chain challenges that require assets, carriers, and power-only resources to make the freight side more efficient,” Zimmer said.

Shippers know what they should be paying; they have access to the same market data as brokers. However, shippers might not know how to turn that data into meaningful action that will yield better results. “With Eric on our leadership team, we’re able to put the Zengistics advantage, rooted in honest and transparent processes, front and center,”  Zimmer added.

“We pick our partners very strategically; we’re looking to build long-term partnerships built on trust, communication, and transparent data,” said Limburg, a 20-year industry veteran who joined Zengistics from Arrive Logistics. “With those things in place, we can leverage our buying power to get the best price and execute for our customers.”

Zengistics customers range from large corporations to small shippers who don’t want to be experts in transportation or supply chain. They simply need a trusted partner to move their freight.

“We tend to run to the more complex issues, like multi-drop complex freight. Do you need drop-trailer programs and route optimization? That’s where we are really good,” Zimmer said. “Our dedicated account managers and support teams know the supply chain and our customers’ businesses intimately. We learn their challenges and what keeps them up at night. That’s how we solve complex freight issues many others cannot.”

For instance, over the past two years of COVID, with the San Pedro Bay congestion at unprecedented levels and the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach handling record freight volumes, Zengistics delivered while many of its competitors struggled to find solutions. “Other people were turning back a significant volume of loads per day; we gave back three loads the entire two years combined,” Zimmer said.

That is the power of a non-asset broker aligned with a billion-dollar asset company—Trimac purchased Zengistics in July 2021. Operating as separate entities, the companies work together to provide the flexibility to scale with customer needs and solve the freight problems other brokerages cannot.

About Zengistics

Zengistics is a digital freight broker in Austin, Texas, with a reputation for world-class execution based on data that helps shippers solve complex freight issues. Zengistics focuses on meaningful results for its customers, serving in an advisory and transportation management role. No company is too big or small. Zengistics works with shippers to figure out the best way to turn data-driven metrics into strategic flexibility with a tech-driven approach. Visit Zengistics.com to learn more today.